A Roadmap To Success: Foundations of STEM Learning

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For parents and teachers looking to give a young person an advantage. A Roadmap To Success is an indispensable tool for thoughtful adults trying to create thoughtful children. Give them the advantage they deserve. The ability to perform a complicated task or reach worthwhile intellectual goals is not found by happenstance. It is the culmination of a thoughtfully laid foundation, a skill set by which success is crafted. While it is true that STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, its core is a set of thinking tools that will carry a young person to the pinnacle of their ability in any endeavor they choose. A child’s mind can stretch to extraordinary lengths if carefully and thoughtfully led through a process of discovery. That path has now been mapped. Parents and teachers finally have a blueprint for how to develop minds. Every parent interested in giving their child an advantage can start their journey here, and every teacher trying to adjust to a world in which they are asked to teach students to think has the support they need in these pages. The foundational skills for success are explained and readers are led through how they can be imparted to young minds. The thinking process and inquiry are clarified and systemic problem solving techniques are discussed in a way that helps adults unlock the amazing potential which too often remains dormant in a child’s brain. These pages will help you turn potential into reality. Regardless of the child’s age, infant to teen, it’s never too early or too late to begin.